Nadia Schilling - Kite

Film Info 작품정보
  • Nadia Schilling - Kite
  • Genre 장르 : 뮤직비디오
  • Director/Writer 감독/작가 : João Pombeiro
  • Producer 책임 프로듀서 : João Pombeiro
  • Production 제작 : João Pombeiro
  • DOP 촬영감독 : João Pombeiro
  • MUSIC 음악 : Nadia Schilling
  • EDITING 편집 : João Pombeiro
Synopsis 시놉시스
포르투갈에서 비주얼 아티스트로 활동중인 "João Pombeiro" 감독의 콜라주기법으로 프린트된 이미지와 영상소스를 잘라 사용하여 완성한 "Nadia Schilling" 가수의 뮤직비디오
A woman rides a train on her way home, through a landscape made out of memories.
Directors Note 연출의도

Nadia Schilling - Kite

We might fall

Try to lurk 

behind the scenes

We might sour 

with all that's coming in

And where to go

When love seems to be lost?

Nowhere to turn,

if we can't spin stories 

and laugh


Could our ways

Be some new kind of bizarre?

And our hearts 

be mostly wrecked, 

under fire?

I walk those trails, 

but they never bring you back

Keep changing reels 

where you don't take any part


I'm losing faith

But I'll run to you tonight

Through hurricanes

You keep playing me like a kite

And I don't know how

To keep you by my side

Keep you by my side

Keep you by my side

Awards 수상경력
Vimeo Staff Pick
Actors/Staff 배우/참여스태프

Nádia Schilling (vocals, guitar) 

Filipe Melo (piano)

João Hasselberg (bass)

Bruno Pedroso (drums)

Ana Pereira (violin)

Ana Filipa Serrão (violin)

Joana Cipriano (viola)

Ana Cláudia Serrão (cello)

Music and Lyrics by Nádia Schilling

String arrangements by Filipe Melo & Nádia Schilling

Recorded by Nuno Monteiro

Mixed by Nelson Carvalho at Valentim de Carvalho Studios, Lisbon.

Mastered by Andy VanDette Mastering, New York.

Produced by Nádia Schilling & João Pombeiro

Vídeo by João Pombeiro

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Director 감독
Biography 감독소개
João Pombeiro is a creative mastermind (self-titled) and a part-time visionay.
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Nadia Schilling - Kite

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