시밀의 가정통신문, Semele (2015) 한글자막

  시밀의 가정통신문, Semele (2015) 한글자막

Film Info 작품정보
  • 시밀의 가정통신문, Semele (2015) 한글자막
  • Genre 장르 : 드라마
  • Director/Writer 감독/작가 : 미르시니 아리스티두 Myrsini Aristidou
  • Cast 출연 : 바실리키 코코리아디 Vasiliki Kokkoliadi, 야니스 스탄코글루 Yannis Stankoglou,
  • Producer 책임 프로듀서 : 레이날도 마커스 그린 Reinaldo Marcus Green
  • DOP 촬영감독 : 페페 아빌라 델 피노 Pepe Avila del Pino
  • MUSIC 음악 : 야콥 파벡 Jacob Pavek
  • EDITING 편집 : 미르시니 아리스티두 Myrsini Aristidou
Synopsis 시놉시스
가정통신문을 들고 무작정 아빠의 일터로 찾아간 시밀. 필요한 서명을 받아내고도 집에 갈 생각을 하지 않는다. 사랑하는 아빠 곁에 조금 더 머물 수만 있다면 아이는 무엇이든 할 작정이다. 그것이 설령 거짓말일지라도.

[제 20 회 부천국제판타스틱영화제]

'A signature, is the excuse for Semele to visit her long absent father.'

Semele will do anything to spend some time with her long absent father. A school note becomes just the excuse for her to visit him at his workplace, where her presence highlights their fragile relationship.
Directors Note 연출의도

Semele highlights the delicate relationship of a daughter and her long absent father, as an unsigned school note becomes the excuse for young Semele to visit her father and try to rediscover their lost bond. Although her father Aris, at first doesn’t want Semele around, as the day goes by they share precious moments that they will both treasure for life. 


For me, this film is an exploration which shifts beyond a parent and child relationship, as it sets out to further question any relationship of love between two people. There is an underlying understanding between the two characters, and certain feelings and behaviors which are universal. Semele’s desire to feel acknowledged and loved by her father, her determination to understand his behavior, is an ffor to ultimately feel free and understand herself. Aris’ inability to provide for her and reveal his own feelings, eventually leads to him becoming aware of his daughter’s own needs. 


As a young girl I rebelled in many ways, but I never admitted that the core of my frustration was the absence of a father figure in my life. Semele exposes how fragile and vulnerable human relationships are, and how important it is to accept one self in order to take the leap forward.

Awards 수상경력

2016 베를린국제영화제 제너레이션부문 수상작  

4회 서울구로국제어린이영화제, 2016

미르시니 아리스티두 (GUKIFF FOCUS) 

20회 부천국제판타스틱영화제, 2016 

미르시니 아리스티두 (부천초이스 단편) 

66회 베를린국제영화제, 2016 

미르시니 아리스티두 (특별상(제너레이션 K플러스)-국제심사위원) 

미르시니 아리스티두 (제너레이션 K플러스)

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애드온 설정

Director 감독
Biography 감독소개

1990년 키프로스 남부 리마솔 출신. 2013년 뉴욕 프랫대학에서 미술학위를 받았다. 두 편의 단편다큐멘터리를 연출했고, 키프로스의 국제단편영화제에서 감독상을 수상한 〈낫 나우〉(2014)를 만들었다. 그녀는 사가포어린이재단의 공동창립자이기도 하다.


Born in Limassol Cyprus, Myrsini is an award winning writer and director. She is currently receiving her MFA in Film Production at NYU Tisch School of the Arts with a Tisch Department Scholarship. In 2013 she completed her BFA in Film and History of Art, at Pratt Institute in New York as part of the President's List.   


In 2016, Myrsini was granted with the Spike Lee Film Production fund for the production of her next movie. Her  movies have screened in festivals all around the globe, from Toronto to Berlin, and from USA to Cyprus and Australia. 


Her latest award winning short film ‘Semele’ (TIFF Official Selection 2015, Berlinale Generation 2016) won the Special Jury Award for Best Short Film at the Berlinale Generation Kplus in 2016. Other works of the filmmaker include the short documentary shot in Argentina Ma' (2014), the award winning short film Not Now (International Short Film Festival of Cyprus 2014 - Best Directing Award), and the short documentary Lost Hopes (2011). 


In May of 2009, Myrsini had her first photographic book publication and exhibition Mother India (edition Athens Voice), where all the proceedings from the sales, were donated to the MSF (Doctors without Borders).  Photographs taken by the artist have been accepted and exhibited in many parts of the world. 

Filmography 필모그래피

2015  |  SEMELE  |  SHORT FICTION 13’ 

2014  |  MA’  |  SHORT DOC 6’

2013  |  NOT NOW  |  SHORT FICTION 9’ 

2011  |  LOST HOPES  |  SHORT DOC 10’

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