호러 단편영화 - Alexia - Horror short film

Film Info 작품정보
  • 호러 단편영화 - Alexia - Horror short film
  • Genre 장르 : 공포
  • Director/Writer 감독/작가 : 앙드레 보르기 Andrés Borghi
  • Cast 출연 : Sergio Berón - Franco Pilar Boyle - Alexia Paula Carruega - Melina
  • Producer 책임 프로듀서 : Andrés Borghi
  • Production 제작 : Andrés Borghi
  • DOP 촬영감독 : Julián Batistuta
Synopsis 시놉시스

Franco's ex-girlfriend Alexia had committed suicide some time ago, but he still feels her presence because her social network profile has not yet been taken down. On the day of her birthday, he visits her page and feels guilty over the fact she had taken her own life. When Franco's new girlfriend finally convinces him to delete Alexia from his contacts and move on with his life, his computer starts to malfunction and some thing strange and sinister manifests through the web and into his life. Maybe a CLICK isn't enough to leave the past behind. Written by Andrés Borghi 



Directors Note 연출의도


​사망한 전 여자친구를 자신의 페이스북 친구 목록에서 삭제하기로 결정한 프랑코, 컴퓨터에서 수상한 그 무엇이 출몰하기 시작한다.

Social media films are becoming a genre of their own these days, and suspenseful horror thrillers seem to be the preferred outcome of the genre, Universal’s new upcoming release of ‘Unfriended‘ is proof of its success. In this highly effective horror short film, Alexia, Franco’s ex-girlfriend, has been deceased for some time, Franco still has her as a contact on his social network. When he decides to delete her and move on, something strange starts to manifest through his computer.

소셜미디아 영화가 그 나름대로 하나의 장르가 되어가는 요즘, 긴장감 가득한 호러 스릴러 작품들이 그 결과다. 곧 개봉될 유니버설의 신작 ‘언프렌디드’가 그 성공의 증거로 여길 수 있다. 상당히 효과적인 호러 영화인 ‘알렉시아’에서 주인공 프랑코의 전 여자친구는 사망한지 꽤 되었지만 아직도 페이스북에 친구로 연결되어 있다. 그녀를 지우고 과거를 털어버리고자 친구 삭제하기로 결정한다. 그러자 컴퓨터에서 수상한 무언가가 나타나기 시작한다 

‘Alexia’ is a classic ghost tale adapted to modern times. It’s key elements are a computer, a social network and an addiction to the virtual life. Inspired by japanese horror it relays more in the mood it creates than in jumpscares and cheap horror tricks.

알렉시아’는 현대에 맞춰 각색한 전형적인 귀신 이야기다. 컴퓨터, 소셜네트워크와 가상 현실 세계의 중독이 주요 요소들이다. 일본 호러에서 영감을 받은 이 작품은 불쑥 겁을 주는 싸구려 호러 트릭을 쓰기 보단 분위기를 통해 창조된다  


We love to showcase films like ‘Alexia’ because of their mere simplicity and effectively low production costs. Argentine filmmaker Andrés Borghi maximized his surrounding with simple and creative tricks shaping the mood and pace of the film. 

‘알렉시아’같은 작품은 저렴한 제작비로 충분히 효과적이고 간결한 작품들이 가능하다는 것을 보여준다. 아르헨티나 영화인 안드레스 보르기는 자신의 주변과 창의적인 속임수를 이용해 영화의 분위기와 전개를 극대화시키는데 성공해보인다. 


Awards 수상경력

Awards received by this film:


Festival internacional de cine de Tapiales

(Buenos Aires, Argentina, December 2014)

-Best Sound


Horrible Imaginings Festival

(San Diego, U.S.A., October 2014)

-Third Prize


Festival FLVR de Rosario

(Rosario, Argentina, September 2014)

-Honorable mention for it’s efficient handling of horror.


Festival Mil Gritos

(Punta Alta, Argentina, August 2014)

-Audience award


Festival de Marcos Juarez

(Argentina, July 2014)

-First Prize



(Argentina, March 2014)

-Third prize


9º Festival Aurora

(México, March 2014)

-Audience Award


La Noche mas Corta

(Argentina, December 2013)

-Third Prize


Buenos Aires Rojo Sangre º14

(Argentina, November 2013)

-Best national short film.

-"Piromania" award for best practical FX. 


Actors/Staff 배우/참여스태프


Sergio Berón - Franco

Pilar Boyle - Alexia

Paula Carruega - Melina 



Produced by Andrés Borghi

producer Music by Pablo Borghi

Cinematography by Julián Batistuta

Film Editing by Andrés Borghi

Art Direction by Marcelo Valiente

Set Decoration by Maite Corona

Makeup Department Marta Bermudez makeup department head Production Management 

María Eugenia Castellanelli assistant production manager

Marcela Saladino production manager

Malena Vince assistant production manager Second Unit Director or Assistant Director 

Melina Blumen assistant director 

Art Department Marta Bermudes set designer

María Valiente assistant art director 

Sound Department Fernando Ribero sound 

Special Effects by Paula Jhonsson

special effects assistant Simon Ratziel

special effects Visual Effects by 

Andrés Borghi visual effects artist Camera and Electrical Department 

Guillermo Figueroa electrician 

Casting Department 

Julia Gesteira casting coordinator Costume and Wardrobe Department 

Victoria Pelejero wardrobe

Cecilia Portillo wardrobe Music Department 

Pablo Borghi piano 


좋아요를 누른 멤버들
  • 단편영화가좋다

애드온 설정

Director 감독
Biography 감독소개

Andres Borghi was born in Argentina, a year before the BIFFF (which was in 1983 for those who’ve already started to count). Borghi already experimented with a camera when he was twelve year old. After getting his directing degree at the Fundacion Teba, he started making some weird and subversive shorts. He even shot a short in New Zealand, which was awarded with a prize by Peter Jackson himself! Borghi will present his newest feature Born To Die, that bathes in the same deranged atmosphere as the first Peter Jackson movies. Born To Die is the unofficial sequel of Bailando con el Peligro and the best proof that you don’t need drugs to raise hell! 



1982년 아르헨티나에서 태어난 안드레스 보르기. 12살때 부터 카메라로 실험을 하기 시작했다. 펀다시옹 테바에서 연출 전공 학사를 수여받고 기괴하고 전복적인 단편들을 만들기 시작한다. 뉴질랜드에서 만든 단편은 피터 잭슨 감독에게서 직접 상을 받기도 했다. 보르기는 자신의 첫 장편 ‘본 투 다이’를 소개할 예정인데 피터 잭슨의 초기 영화처럼 광란의 분위기를 지녔다. ‘본 투 다이’는 비공식적으로는 '바일란도 콘 엘 펠리그로'의 후편이며 마약 없이도 충분이 지옥을 경험하게 할 수 있다는 증거가 되리라 본다.

Filmography 필모그래피

2014-"Born to Die" (“Nacido para Morir”) feature film

2013-"Alexia" short film

2012-"Coso" web series

2011-"Truco" Short film

2010-"Working Day" Short film

2009-"Hongo Nuclear" web series

2008-"Dedicated to nobody" (“Dedicado a Nadie”) short film

2007-"Otakus" short film

2005-“The Spectre in the woods” (“El Espectro del Bosque”) short film


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