SF단편영화 - E.T.A.

Film Info 작품정보
  • SF단편영화 - E.T.A.
  • Genre 장르 : SCI-F
  • Director/Writer 감독/작가 : Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen
  • Producer 책임 프로듀서 : Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen
  • Production 제작 : Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen
  • DOP 촬영감독 : Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen
Synopsis 시놉시스

Marvin has the most boring job in the universe. But this day he may be in for a surprise…


Marvin pilots his cargo ship through interstellar space. In lieu of cryo sleep he fills his days with barely watchable television, pizza, coffee and occasional repairs on his vessel. Life has never been this boring, but today he may be in for a surprise​


Awards 수상경력





Best Animation, Balticon, US - 2010

Best Talent, Aarhus FF, DK - 2008

Best Animation, BreakPoint, DE - 2008




Stash DVD - Issue 52, UK

IdN Magazine + DVD, China - 2008

Computer Arts Magazine, UK - 2008





Premio Cinematografico, Italy

Big Cartoon Festival, Russia

Viewster Online Filmfest



Big Cartoon Festival, Russia

Animago, Germany



Chattacon 38, USA



Reel 13 Indie Film Competition

Paris (60th) "Mars Attacks", France

Celluart, Germany



ShortCUTS, Germany

Fantaspoa, Brazil

Macou Cultural Center, China

Backup Festival, Germany

Gwacheon Intl. SF Festival, Korea

Kurye Video and Digital Arts Festival

Tricycle Cinema pre Source Code, UK



ICON Intl. SciFi Festival, Israel

Brain Wash, UK

IMAGINE Film Festival, NL

Animayo, Spain

Viewfinders IFF, Canada

Roanne Intl. Fest. of Short Anim, FR

APOX Film Festival, Croatia

Balticon Sunday Night Short FF, US

TriCity Indie Fan Film Fest, US

Nemo Festival, France 



Minimalen, Norway

Fredrikstad Anim. Festival, Norway

Siggraph, USA

Fantastisk Film Festival, Sweden

Cortoons Int. Short FF, Italy

Red Stick Int. FF, USA

Anima Mundi, Brazil

Animated Encounters, UK

Cartoons on the Bay, Italy

Cinanima, Portugal

Int. Trickfilm-Festival, Germany

Bath Film Festival, UK

Arcipelago, Italy

Artimotion, Italy

Motion CUBE, Italy

Up-and-Coming Intl. FF, Germany

London Intl. Animation Fest, UK

Melbourne Intl. Anim Fest, Australia

Australian Intl. Anim Fest, Australia

Sydney Intl. Anim Fest, Australia

MaxCon, Czech Republic

HD Fest, USA

Computer Space, Bulgaria

Anchorage Filmfestival, USA



Siggraph Asia, Singapore

Platforma Video8, Greece

OneDotZero Adventures in Motion, UK 

Actors/Staff 배우/참여스태프



Directed by

Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen


Story by

Søren Pødenphant Andersen


Cinematography by

Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen


Character animation Marvin

Michael la-Cour


Character animation Joe

Søren Pødenphant Andersen


Original music & sound editing

Rasmus Kudahl Kaae Munch


Spaceship design, modelling & texturing

Søren Pødenphant Andersen


Marvin design, modelling & texturing

Michael la-Cour


Joe design & modelling

Søren Pødenphant Andersen


Matte paintings & plate enhancements

Michael la-Cour


Lighting, compositing & special effects

Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen


Extra sound effects & stereo mixing

Lars Christophersen


TV speakers

Patrick Charlton

Victoria Hannaford

Marc Burrows


MAX-script development support

Michael Dahl


Rendering support

Happy Flyfish Aarhus

Thomas Suurland


Storyboard consultant

Ignacio Ferreras


Special thanks

Happy Flyfish Aarhus

Reset Film Aps

Ignacio Ferreras

Patrick Charlton

Søren Bendt

Peter B. Vahlstrup & Rostock

Thomas Suurland

Søren Bendz


Very special thanks

H.R. Giger


Made with the support of


The Open Workshop

Copyright © 2008 JUNK


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  • 일상의王

애드온 설정

Director 감독
Biography 감독소개

Award winning director Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen is a filmmaker who loves building worlds.


His passion for cinema extends to all aspects of motion pictures, but his first love will always be the visual aesthetics of film. He simply has an urge to create images and tell stories, and greatly enjoys challenging himself when shooting both fiction and commercial work. Years of working in visual effects and animation has given him a sharp eye for planning ahead and staying on course on projects with many moving parts.


Equally comfortable directing actors and artists, for commercial or film projects; any job that demands strong execution on story and visuals, Henrik will enjoy directing.


Since his debut as a director his work has received multiple awards, nominations and screenings at film festivals all over the world, as well as coverage in printed magazines and newspapers.



Filmography 필모그래피



2016 Arene

2016 Lucid (Winner of 'Best Microfilm Award' at Independent Days in Germany, 2016)

2015 Aftermath

2014 Invasion

2013 Biomorph (Featured in 3D World Magazine, UK)

2010 Born Again (Best Short Film 2011, BUTFF, Netherlands and Best Short Runner Up 2011, BornShorts, Denmark)

2008 E.T.A. (Winner of 'Best Talent 08' at Aarhus Film Festival and 'Best Animation' at BreakPoint 2008, Germany)

2005 Good Morning Sun (Winner of 'Best Animation' at SceneEvent 2005)





Henrik Bjerregaard Clausen

Fredens Torv 8, 1.TH

DK-8000 Aarhus C



WEBSITE: www.henrikbc.com

PHONE: +45 60602949

E-MAIL: mail@henrikbclausen.com


Nationality: Danish

Date of birth: April 15, 1981



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