Light Prisons

Film Info 작품정보
  • Light Prisons
  • Genre 장르 : 실험/예술
  • Director/Writer 감독/작가 : 아톰 사밋
  • Cast 출연 : -
  • Producer 책임 프로듀서 : 아톰 사밋
  • Production 제작 : 아톰 사밋
  • DOP 촬영감독 : 아톰 사밋
Synopsis 시놉시스

밤에 자기 전에,

소녀들이 본  영화에 대해 

이야기 한다.

밤에 자기 전에.​ 

Directors Note 연출의도

I want to approach the documentary and fiction and deconstruct the space between what we see and what we listen. And think about that with a free story, open to the interpretation.

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애드온 설정

Director 감독
Biography 감독소개

I'm spanish independent an experimental filmmaker. I made movies around Spain, Germany and Korea. I like to work with the landscape and how it relates to people, history, art, subconscious, fears...


The essential of my work is focused on finding the essential moments in everyday life. I go outside with my video camera to find the unexpected and, at the same time, manipulate the reality. First, I make in-camera editing, where the first shot leads to another default but unexpected. After, in editing room can all have a new meaning. Therefore, the purpose of the process is to make the everyday life an art object that speaks for itself.The historic memory, how the people tell the History and focus their perception of the world looking through the past the present. The memory like a ghost that inhabit our lives but we can’t or don’t want to see. My last experimental documentaries had the central point of the narration in this, and how take form visually this idea. I’m worried about how the concepts needs to take the ideal audiovisual form for express their meaning. Every movie is different and needs it own style.Work with the landscape, the objects in it, their history, and the forms it can appear are my principal audiovisual style. I treat the landscape like the principal character of my films. The urban and na-tural landscape, and their combination, can be expressed by itself. At that point, my work demand the attention and the patience of the public, because is about time. And time needs time to develop. Search the essential moments in everyday life, or, talk about the historic memory is question of time, and the landscape is the sign of the time.Play with the landscape forms and the essential moments in the reality develops other kind of works focused in the abstraction of the image through shapes, colors, rhythms, and sounds turning it into a sensory experience so that the image is purely plastic.My approach to the contemporary art, and the meeting with artists, has led me to create a line of work about the art spaces and representations. My first documentary, (De)constructing the space (2011) deepens in how change a installation space. My documentary glogau AIR (2014), goes be-yond and combines the GlogauAIR residence as a life space with the artist’s development. Since then all these workpaths are mixed in my lasts films 

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