다마스쿠스 In Damascus (2014)

Film Info 작품정보
  • 다마스쿠스 In Damascus (2014)
  • Genre 장르 : 실험/예술
  • Director/Writer 감독/작가 : Waref Abu Quba
  • Producer 책임 프로듀서 : Waref Abu Quba
  • Production 제작 : Waref Abu Quba
  • DOP 촬영감독 : Waref Abu Quba
Synopsis 시놉시스


"다마스쿠스에서"다마스쿠스에 관한 영화, 

세계적으로 유명한 팔레스타인 시인 / 저자 마흐무드 다르위시(Mahmoud Darwis)의 시를 설정하여 제작하게 되었다는 다마스쿠스를 위한 단편영화​로 제작기간이 총 3년의 시간이 걸렸으며, 2달의 편집기간에 걸쳐 완성하였다.​ 


마흐무드 다르위시(Mahmoud Darwis)​

팔레스타인의 시인으로 레바논에서 PLO(팔레스타인해방기구)에 가담하여 파리와 튀니지를 오가며 활동하였다. 단순하고 일상적인 언어로 고향을 잃은 팔레스타인 민족의 아픔을 대변하는 시를 썼다. 



"In Damascus" is a film about Damascus, an 11,000 years old city, the most ancient and precious of cities, set to the poetry of the world famous Palestinian poet / author Mahmoud Darwish.

Directors Note 연출의도

The Damascene Collar of the Dove

마흐무드 다르위시​(Mahmoud Darwish)​ Poet



In Damascus,

the doves fly

behind the silk fence

two . . .

by two . . .



In Damascus:

I see all of my language

written with a woman’s needle 

on a grain of wheat,

refined by the partridge of the Mesopotamian rivers



In Damascus:

the names of the Arabian horses have been embroidered,

since Jahili times

and through judgment day,

or after,

. . . with gold threads



In Damascus:

the sky walks

barefoot on the old roads,


So what’s the poet’s use 

of revelation

and meter

and rhyme?



In Damascus:

the stranger sleeps

on his shadow standing

like a minaret in eternity’s bed

not longing for a land

or anyone . . .



In Damascus:

the present tense continues

its Umayyad chores:

we walk to our tomorrow certain

of the sun in our yesterday.

Eternity and we

inhabit this place!



In Damascus:

the dialogue goes on

between the violin and the oud

about the question of existence

and about the endings:

whenever a woman kills a passing lover

she attains the Lotus Tree of Heaven!



In Damascus:

Youssef tears up, 

with the flute,

his ribs

Not for a reason,

other than that 

his heart wasn’t with him



In Damascus:

speech returns to its origin,


poetry isn’t poetry

and prose isn’t prose

And you say: I won’t leave you

so take me to you

and take me with you!



In Damascus:

a gazelle sleeps

besides a woman

in a bed of dew

then the woman takes off her dress

and covers Barada with it!



In Damascus:

a bird picks

at what is left of wheat

in my palm

and leaves for me a single grain

to show me my tomorrow




In Damascus:

The jasmine dallies with me:

Don’t go far

and follow my tracks

Then the garden becomes jealous:

Don’t come near

the blood of night in my moon



In Damascus:

I keep my lighthearted dream company

and laughing on the almond blossom:

Be realistic

that I may blossom again

around her name’s water

And be realistic

that I may pass in her dream!



In Damascus:

I introduce myself

to itself:

Right here, beneath two almond eyes

we fly together as twins

and postpone our mutual past



In Damascus:

speech softens

and I hear the sound of blood

in the marble veins:

Snatch me away from my son

(she, the prisoner, says to me) 

or petrify with me!



In Damascus:

I count my ribs

and return my heart to its trot

Perhaps the one who granted me entry

to her shadow

has killed me,

and I didn’t notice . . .



In Damascus:

the stranger gives her howdah back

to the caravan:

I won’t return to my tent

I won’t hang my guitar,

after this evening,

on the family’s fig tree . . .



In Damascus:

poems become diaphanous

They’re neither sensual

nor intellectual

they are what echo says

to echo . . .



In Damascus:

the cloud dries up by afternoon,

then digs a well

for the summer of lovers in the Qysoon valley,

and the flute completes its habit

of longing to what is present in it, 

then cries in vain



In Damascus:

I write in a woman’s journal:

All what’s in you

of narcissus

desires you

and no fence, around you, protects you

from your night’s excess allure



In Damascus:

I see how the Damascus night diminishes

slowly, slowly

And how our goddesses increase

by one!



In Damascus:

the traveler sings to himself:

I return from Syria

neither alive

nor dead

but as clouds

that ease the butterfly’s burden

from my fugitive soul





“The Collar of the Dove” is a famous manuscript on beauty and the art of love, written in the 11th century by Ibn Hazm, a renowned Andalusian Muslim scholar.


Barada is a small river that runs through Damascus, and Qysoon valley is one of the city’s suburbs.


Oud is a stringed instrument resembling the lute.


The Lotus Tree of Heaven, Sidrat al-Montaha (the highest degree of attainment) is a fantastic tree that arises form the Seventh Heaven and reaches God’s throne.


Youssef: son of Jacob.​ 




마흐무드 다르위시​(Mahmoud Darwish)

1941년 팔레스타인에서 출생하였지만 1971년 이스라엘 점령지가 된 고향을 떠나 튀니지, 카이로, 니코시아, 파리 등지를 떠돌며 창작 및 정치 활동을 했다. 오랫동안 팔레스타인 해방기구에 가담해 활동하면서 잦은 감금과 투옥을 당했다. 1996년 팔레스타인으로 돌아왔으나 이스라엘 당국이 고향집으로 가는 것을 허락지 않아, 혀?T까지 팔레스타인 자치 지구인 요르단 상 서안의 라밀라에서 살고 있다. 


십대 때부터 시를 쓰기 시작하여 1960년 첫 시집 『날개 없는 새』를 펴낸 후 『올리브 잎개들』『팔레스타인에서 온 연인』『낯선 여인의 침대』 등 30여 권의 시집과 산문집을 출간했다. 로터스 상, 레닌 평화상, 레넌 재단이 수여하는 문화자유상과 프랑스 정부가 주는 예술문학 훈장을 받았다. 그의 시들은 35개 국어로 번역 되어 널리 읽히고 있다. ​ 




Awards 수상경력

Winner | Outstanding Cinematography in the Autumn Shorts Film Festival, Somerset, Kentucky USA 2015.

Official Selection:

• ZEBRA Poetry Film Festival Münster|Berlin - 2016

• Arab Film Festival, San Francisco, CA – 2016

• 9th Annual Houston Palestine Film Festival - 2015

• Autumn Shorts Film Festival, Somerset, Kentucky USA - 2015​ 

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애드온 설정

Director 감독
Biography 감독소개

Waref has a bachelor in Fine Arts with big passion for filmmaking. Since 2007 Waref has worked as a freelancer with major companies in Syria, such as (JWT, Puplivison-DDB, IGO-Emaar, BJ Concept, Zeronine Advertising, The Syria Trust for Development). He made the short clay animated film (Silent Thoughts), the film was awarded with the bronze award for short feature film competition at Damascus film Festival (2009).


Since 2011 Waref has expand his work to reach the Arabic countries, such as (UAE, KSA, Qatar, Lebanon, Libya) and did a number of remarkable projects for major companies in this areas, offering his clients high quality 2D and 3D animations, motion-graphics and info-graphics beside concept developing and corporate video direction. ​ ​ 

Filmography 필모그래피
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